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Offshore E-Commerce

by Offshore Legal Support Inc.


It's not a secret Electronic Commerce generates thousand of million dollars annually; everyone knows that the youngest richest men in Forbes magazine have obtained their respective fortune in a great part by internet sales.

Maybe some of them have no receive any profit by offshore incorporation, but a lot of majors’ virtual shops are incorporated in Panama or any other offshore jurisdiction. Why?, Because, some jurisdictions such as Panama have favorable fiscal regimen and the financial and electronic platform to be successful.  The internet custom may take place in any part of the world but may not be necessarily taxable in all jurisdiction, when you incorporated an offshore e-commerce in full flagged favorable tax regime jurisdiction, where there's no foreign sources income taxes, you save cost on maintaining, transportation, income taxes, capital gain taxes, and other kinds of taxes.

Panama has an excellent Telecommunication infrastructure and a favorable tax regime to arrange your e-commerce platform.

The banking center accomplish the virtues described, you first incorporated a company with bank account and trading web site, where you receive online your profit, you just present the annual government fee of US$250, and nothing else, with zero government intervention

We consider as the best offshore e-commerce in the world  Bahamas and Panama.

If you want a Virtual Shop with a web hosting in Panama, plus an  offshore incorporation please contact us, for less than USD3500  you will own a Panama corporation, a bank account and a web site, ask us and you will not regret, we offer 100% satisfaction or refund of your money,  with us, first we take care of the work, when it's done we take care about  your payment.

Establishing a tax free offshore internet e-commerce requires:

1. Incorporate a tax free Panama corporation through our special offer. See Our packages.

2. Establish a bank account where the proceeds of your online credit card transactions can be deposited into. Our fee for set up is US$700.

3. Establish an online internet merchant account. Our fee for account processing and introduction US$1500 + Merchant Providers set up fee is US$400. If you want Hosting in Panama contact us


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