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Offshore Mutual Funds

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Stock Market every time is more complex and diversified, usually people get confuse between an offshore mutual fund recognized for a jurisdiction and private investment auto denominated mutual funds. That is not a mutual fund investment or hedge fund investment, is a pool between some investor who decide to make their own decision around the world in real estate, bonds, stocks or any other investment instruments.


There is a different between a mutual fund and investment fund. An investment fund is a pool of money added by a small or large number of subscribers or shareholders, which is invested and administered on their behalf. They share the proceeds (or losses) in proportion to their subscriptions after deduction of costs.


A mutual fund (a unit trust in the UK) is an investment fund divided into units (equivalent to shares) which can be bought from and sold back to the manager of the fund, but which are not traded as such. The value of the fund NAV (net asset value) per unit is calculated frequently. Many countries have favorable tax regimes for mutual funds, to encourage saving. A mutual fund need to be regulated and inscribed as such. Please, be advised of it.


Real Estate

After several publications of specialized magazines and continuous exposure by the Media, Panama has had a reborn in the Real Estate business especially in skyscrapers and beachfront properties. All kind of investor is traveling to Panama to conduct real estate business from Panama.  The low cost life, paradise lands and the friendly laws are the main elements in the Real Estate success.

Boquete, Bocas del Toro and Pedasi have their peak moment right now, offering paradises locations, the investment in those towns are expressed in millions. However, in Panama city there is a boom in the market regarding building just like Trump Ocean Club, all the taste are being satisfied. I don't remember that combination before, except maybe only in Malaga, Spain two decades ago.

More than 172 building projects are taking place in the metropolitan area.  The average luxury condominium unit under construction in Panama city is valued at US$289,100 approximately and is 213 sq meter in size. 


International Franchises are a very popular method to invest in low tax jurisdiction. American Franchises denotes their interest to establish in Panama. Recently, more than 20 franchises studied possibilities to invest. Panama. Mr. Enrique Tellez from the US Embassy said Panama has all the conditions to develop franchise not only for fast food, but in other areas such as industrial cleaning, flowers, courier and other.

More than 50 US franchises have been offering the product and services in Panama. According to the Amchan (American Chamber of Panama), names like American Leak Detection Inc., Avalar Network, Inc., Bar Louis Development Inc., Two Men and Truck International Inc and World Franchisor were among the franchise interested in Panama.

Stock Market

Current Status                       Capitalization 2,956 millions dollars
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